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Rites of OdinRites of Odin $18.00US Here is a complete source book on Odinism which brings the ancient values back to these turbulent times. The material is authentic and the presentation is poetic and powerful. This book opens the door for the solitary seeker, for groups who have chosen to follow the Old Ways and for families who wish to be unified by warm and close ceremonies. Paperback, 333 pages.

crescent_moon_journal.jpg (31135 bytes)Crescent Moon Fairy Journal $25.00US This journal features a dark-skinned fairy, seated gently against the crescent moon as its front face, with a blooming red rose rising out of the back. Made out of handpainted cold-cast resin, this book is perfect for a journal, or sketch book. This spiral bound book measures 5 1/2" x 8 1/2" and comes stocked with easily replacable unlined acid-free paper. Approximately 96 pages. AZ

Norse Magic $13.00US This is an informative guide for both beginners and intermediates in the field of magic -- or for those who simply have a great interest in Norse culture, myth and history. It leads the beginner step-by-step through guided spells, yet anyone will have no trouble adapting the spells and rituals into more advanced forms. It shows you how to see into the future, attain wealth, gain love, gain protection, banish negative entities, and promote physical, mental and spiritual health. Paperback, 244 pages.

Viking History ProjectViking History Project CD's. Click Here to purchase some wonderfully exciting CD's on Viking History and Culture.

BNORRUN.jpg (21532 bytes)Nordic Runes $18.95US Nordic runes are a potent and profoundly transformative magic system that gives contemporary readers access to the ancient wisdom tradition of Northern European cultures. The runes have deep resonances within the pagan Norse world of gods and goddesses, giants, dwarves, warriors, and wizards, which have greatly influenced the work of J.R.R. Tolkien, among others. Norse tradition attributes the discovery of the runes to the "All-Father" Odin--a god of inspiration and secret wisdom and the mythical prototype for runecasters, who established the pattern for gaining his knowledge. Nordic Runes addresses three major areas: Runelore, the history of this 2000-year-old Norse oracle; Runestaves, the meaning of the individual runes of the Elder Futhark alphabet and their powerful mythological, magical, and practical lessons for daily life; and Runecasting, a comprehensive guide to the oracular application of the ancient runes, including their crafting, divination, and self-development. As Nordic Runes shows, the runes do more than simply reflect the path of fate; they help develop and enhance intuition. By learning to cast and interpret the runes, the user becomes receptive to the energy currents in material reality and empowered in the arts of its transformation. This is a 277 page trade softcover book.

Celtic BookmarkNowegian Bookmark $8.95US Handmade at the Viking Attic.  Glass Beads with a Thors Hammer Charm.  Nicely beaded and comes in Blue or Green  Book not included.



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