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Vikiing History Project

Bringing history to life is our goal. We concentrate our work on mediating accurate knowledge concerning Vikings and Viking history. Our base is the Viking island of Gotland - a real centre in the Viking world.
Many years of archaeological excavations of farms and graves, as well as harbours from Viking time and Middle Ages have given us a good base for understanding the Vikings in all its different senses.
One of the most important excavations in last numbers of years concerns the Fröjel Viking Port of Trade on the west coast of Gotland. Excavations have now been going on for 5 years and have given us a tremendous amount of material, in the artifacts, settlement patterns and graves (www.hgo.se/frojel)
Many years of travelling around in the Viking world has also meant a good acquaintance with graves, house remains, hill forts, rune stones etc from different parts of the Viking homelands.
All these information is, or will be, available in different forms, both accessible as low resolution pictures at this web page, but also in the form of high resolution material in different forms for purchase.

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Viking BeadsViking Beads CD $35.00US All together, some 35.000 objects are registered, giving a detailed information of trade and manufacturing in the Viking Age.  Gotland Viking Island The CD contains almost 200 of the best-preserved beads out of a total number of around 500 beads (including some 200 beads from the graves excavated that will be dealt with in a future CD-R). The beads are displayed in galleries, readable through a normal web browser. The beads are also available for closer look in the form of high resolution photos (jpg). 

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Viking Combs Viking Combs CD $35.00US A CD-R dealing with Viking and Medieval combs and comb making. The CD contains a number of picture galleries, displaying different kinds of combs from Early Viking Age to late Middle Ages. In all, there are more then one hundred picture showing different kinds of combs, in some cases several pictures of the same comb to give a good view of the constructions. Besides the galleries, all the pictures are also available as high resolution jpg photos for close up look.

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Viking KnivesViking Knives CD $35.00US One of the most common artifacts from the Viking Age is a knife. Almost every person in the Viking Age was in possession of a knife with him or her when they were buried (especially women). This means that our best information about knives is actually coming from grave finds.  This CD-R deals with knives from Viking Age, mainly found on Gotland, and mainly coming from three different grave fields. The picture gallery is built around a number of authentic Viking knives with reasonably well preserved sheaths (Knife 1, 2 and 3). Besides these, there are some reconstruction drawings and photos (one is a detailed reconstruction of a knife and sheath from Gotland) of original knives, to get an impression of their sizes, shapes and decorations. A third part of the gallery deals with the form and shape of the iron knives themselves. Finally there is a section dealing with some pattern of bronze mountings from different sheaths. 

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Viking JeweleryViking Jewelery CD $35.00US This CD-R deals with jewellery from the Viking Age, mainly found on Gotland, and coming from different grave fields, as well as from the Viking Age harbour at Fröjel, Gotland. The picture gallery is built around a presentation of female and of male jewellery, like different kinds of brooches, pendants, belt buckles, rings and pins. Beads, knives and combs, typical Viking Age objects carried by most people, both men and women, are not displayed on this CD. They are covered by earlier Cd's.  Besides the photos and the galleries, there is also a short report about Viking Age jewellery in Scandinavia in the form of a PDF file, and also contact sheets of all the illustrations as well as quick time movies showing two different forms of animal head brooches and one box brooch. Finally, all the illustrations are included in high resolution photos giving an excellent chance to see all the small details of brooches etc. 

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