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Lavender Heaven

The origins of the ancient name lavender comes from the Latin "lavare" which means to wash.
Lavender is a unique fragrance produced by the combination of 180 different constituents and is widely used in the perfume industry to add a top or middle note to commercial products. In the world of professional sniffers it has a green, hay like sweetness and gives "fruity aspects" in perfumes and other scented products. For commercial use lavender is widely grown in England and the Provence region of France is widely renown as a world leader in growing and producing lavender.

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WMK09.jpg (40353 bytes)Wish Magick Kits $27.00US  Wish magick is a tradition as old as time. Think about your first wish upon a falling star, or the birthday wish we make at the passing of each year. Starlinks Wish Magick Kits build upon that tradition by offering complete kits to empower and manifest your dreams! - Just add your intent.  Handcrafted in the USA during the appropriate lunar phase for active realization, each kit contains simple to use instructions and all the ingredients necessary to create the wish you desire all packaged in a beautiful reusable tin. Remember: (like all wish Magick) a wish that is spoken of to others, is rarely granted!  Each kit includes: Detailed Wish Magick Instruction Scroll, Words of Power paper, Corresponding Wish Magick Stones, Candle, Candle Anointing Oil, Candle carving tool/wand, Lucky Penny, Incense Burner, Incense, Sacred Salt, Binding String, Velvet pouch, & Reusable tin. Crafted Exclusively for Starlinks by Black Forest Candles in the USA. SL

LC4TAN.jpg (6468 bytes)Gale's Garden Skin Cream $14.95US Treat yourself to a luxurious skin cream from Gale`s Garden. Used to nourish and protect your skin, it will also leave you imbued with the delicious fragrance of Tangerine, Citrusy Lemon or Cocoa butter to help perk up your mood and otherwise leave you smelling good all day. Use it to indulge, moisturize, and treat yourself right. Each is created with a careful blend of ingredients intended to care for your skin and invigorate your mind. These include: oil, cocoa butter, shea butter, vegetable glycerine, emulsifying wax, distilled water, grapefruit seed extract, and the essential oils. This is a 4 oz jar of skin cream from Gale`s Garden, intended for external use only. az


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