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Mottakelse (Welcome)… to the Viking Attic.  With the success of the Celtic Attic, we have decided to offer this website for your Scandinavian Heritage Shopping Pleasure.  We have some great products available and we have a great deal of Information available about our Scandinavian Heritage.  Feel free to Shop, Browse, Learn and Discover all our website has to offer. Seek Valhalla and the Proud Viking Norwegian heritage and explore the Swedish and Danish lands on your journey to the Fiords!  Glad Å handling (Happy Shopping)! 

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Decorate your home & life with a Viking Twist.  Why not buy the love in your life a Thors Hammer Pendant to proudly display your heritage and remember Valhalla!  We have lovely Viking Art, Viking Jewelry, Kitchen Items, Wedding Gifts, Clothing and various other Viking Gifts.

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Celtic Attic™ Newsletter and Shopping Club.  Viking Recipes, Viking History, Viking Travel, and all things Viking, this is a must have Monthly Newsletter.

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